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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Get Info for Mens Winter Shoes

Today’s active men require winter shoes that are comfortable and easy to wear all day. They must be simple to put on and able to bear up under a number of conditions including cold and wet weather.

Traction is important since winter weather conditions can include snow and ice as well as slush. Waterproof or water-resistant shoes are essential since once your feet get wet, that can make you very uncomfortable!

I found that mens winter shoes today are widely available in a number of styles, from simple slip-ons to lace-ups. They are low-profile, although I did find one pair of Sorel “Bota Bag” winter shoes that reached ankle-high. The Bota Bag shoes did have very good reviews, including several men who said that these shoes were very easy to put on despite being an ankle boot.

Features of mens winter shoes include good sole traction and insulation, typically Thinsulate. Many are fleece-lined. A number of the shoes I found stated they were rated to -5 degrees, and sometimes even colder.

Several shoes advertised the ability to remove the shoe footbed, in case it gets wet from perspiration. (This allows the footbed to dry well, preventing odor.) Many shoe styles are also waterproof, with some advising water-resistant, which is a good idea for wet winter conditions.

Some Mens Winter Shoes Favorites

When shopping for my husband, I found several shoes with excellent reviews. Many men stated they liked the Sorel Bota Bag winter shoe, mentioned earlier, as well as the Sorel Fairbanks, Baffin Crossroad (lace-up shoe), and Columbia Bugatrail (also lace-up shoe).

Bear in mind that these shoes are not workout shoes. They are designed to wear in cold weather and wet conditions, providing water-resistancy against snow and ice. Winter workout or training shoes are something completely different.

Prices for these mens winter shoes range from $60 to about $85. Do a little shopping online to find the best prices. It’s also a good idea to find a local store and try them on personally, since some shoes tend to run a little larger than you may be used to.

For example, Sorel shoes seem to run larger than my usual size. If you order online and you usually wear a size 9, you may want to try going one-half size or full size smaller and get the 8 or 8 ½. Reviews for Columbia stated that the shoe sizes were pretty true, so if you wear a size 9, you can safely order a size 9.

Our Final Selection

We choose the Sorel Fairbanks mens winter shoes, and my husband couldn’t be happier. We found it online for $59, and we did order one size smaller than my husband usually wears, which was a good thing.

He loves the shoes since he can put them on without even paying attention, they slip-on that easily. My husband does say that he thinks the shoes may actually be a bit warm for early fall, but come winter they are perfect. He can go outside and do farm chores and his feet stay warm, even when dealing with snow and slush.

Maintenance Light Up Shoes

Light up shoe dos

Charge the shoes: You won’t enjoy the experience of LED shoes if they aren’t illuminating. Before you head out, first ensure that you charge them. According to the manufacturers when you charge the shoes for 3 hours they will last for 6-9 hours. For them to charge fast thus saving you time, you should switch them off.

Wear them at the right place: While the shoes are great, they aren’t designed to be worn everywhere. Some of the places where you can wear them include: party, sports arena, concert, and dancing competition. To avoid weird looks avoid wearing them to a job interview, wedding, or funeral. You should also avoid wearing them when going through airport security.

Wear the right fit: To enjoy the experience of the shoes you should ensure that they are a right fit. When in the stores buying, always wear the shoes for some time. If you are in-between shoe sizes, you should avoid sizing down. According to experts, you are better off sizing up.

Be on the lookout for new styles: Manufacturers are always coming up with new shoe styles. If you love LED shoes, you should regularly visit your local stores and see what they have in stock.

Switch things up: Most of the shoes come with over 7 color changing options. To make your shoes interesting and give them a new look you should play around with the colors. The best way of going about it is to change the colors depending on your mood or the outfit that you are wearing.

Light up shoe don’ts

Don’t expose them to a lot of water: The shoes have a wiring system that can be damaged by water. To protect them you should avoid them from getting into contact with water. This calls for you to avoid walking in them in rain. You should also avoid wearing them to the swimming pool or water ride.

Don’t leave them in a hot car: In addition to water, heat has also been shown to greatly affect the shoes. Heat has been shown to damage the batteries putting the shoe at the risk of exploding. To protect your shoes you should avoid exposing them to a lot of heat. This calls for you to avoid leaving them in a hot car. You should also avoid leaving them near fireplaces and ovens.

Don’t put them in the washing machine: The washing machine not only exposes the shoes to a lot of water, it also tends to damage the exterior of the shoe. To be on the safe side you should avoid putting the shoes in the washing machine. The best way of cleaning the shoes is using warm water, mild soap, and a damp washcloth.

Wear High Heel Shoes Everyday

Some people hold that wearing high-heel shoes would bring about beneficial factors into life. The magic attraction of high-heel shoes lies in the dramatic word of sexy. When a woman put on her high heel shoes, she would look taller and more slender. The proportion of her figure would be much more perfect and the graceful curve would distribute a sexy feeling. Wearing a pair of high-heel shoes, a woman would be much pretty and charming. Wearing high-heel shoes could largely beautify the curve of women’s legs, which is a good way to increase temperament. Psychologically, it is definitely an effective way to enhance self-confidence. That’s why many people strongly believe that high-heel shoes are the most powerful sexy weapon of female.

However, others believe that the disadvantages of wearing high-heel shoes far outweigh its advantages. Generally, when a woman wears a pair of high-heel shoes, the weight of the body would be focused on her feet. Since the design of high-heel shoes doesn’t accord with human mechanics and the stress would concentrate on a woman’s toes, it would be easy for her to loss balance, which in return would do harm to her feet. If she doesn’t pay attention to that, it would not only make her feet easy to be ached and strained, but also have a pain on her back. Moreover, it would even cause some inconvenience to her when her tries to walk. People also point out that many women are easy to have a pain in back or knees, but it is hard for those women to believe that all their pains are caused by their sexy high-heel shoes. Besides, wearing high-heel shoes would slow down the walking speed of women and cause some inconvenience in movement.

From what have been discussed above, we know it is hard to wear high-heel shoes. But I firmly believe that wearing high-heel shoes everyday could be as comfortable as wearing casual flat shoes if you choose the right one. You could be both beautiful and comfortable as long as you shop at We provide you with a variety of fashionable and comfortable high-heel shoes. After shopping at, you would find that wearing high-heel shoes everyday is not so uncomfortable.

All about Women Flat Sandals

Apart from wedges and stilettos, the all-time favourite of almost all the ladies arewomen flat sandals. The best part about this footwear is that one can easily wear it with any of the outfits and they come various styles and colours that one cannot just get over them.

While looking for Women Flat Sandals, the most important thing is whether one wants to buy a pair of flat for regular use or for party wear. These flats come in wide range of options that varies from the design, style and the price.

One can easily get the most fashionable women flat sandals; however there are some of the points to consider while buying them:

Consider the quality: As a person pays attention to the quality the heels, the same things go with the flats as well. A good quality flats not only last for a longer time but they are also durable for the people who have to walk a lot in their entire day. There are various brands that provide flat and buying choosing a good brand it becomes easy to get good quality flats.

Buy a stylish pair: As said above flats go with almost all the outfit and this is why it is a good idea to buy a stylish pair so that it becomes easy to wear them with denims and well as a maxi dress. Most of the brands provide various options in flats so that it becomes easy for a person to choose the best one.

Bling is the best: Adding a little bling in overall look is not a bad idea. Most of the girls prefer to wear flats that have a little bling on them as it provides a glam in the entire look. So, a person who is planning to wear a shimmering outfit or a casual dress, in both the cases adding bling in the footwear is not a bad idea at all.

Consider Comfort: Apart from all the other points to consider, it is also a necessity to consider the comfort of the footwear that one has to wear. It is always a good idea to buy the flats that are not only good in look but the one with comfort are also the best to choose.