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Be Style with Platform

Platforms let the wearer keep their balance even though they add height. There’s a high heel at the rear, but the angle your foot is at is less acute because the support beneath the ball of your foot is also built up. The platforms can be made of or covered with different materials including leather, wood, and glass to name just a few. They’re super trendy and chic.

Just about every college woman and professional woman has at least one pair of platforms in her closet. They are no longer limited to the fashion runway, they are now very popular and common in everyday life.

Platforms have actually been popular for a long time. They became popular in England back during the reign of Elizabeth I. At this time they were worn by both women and men, to look taller.

Men still do sometimes wear platforms, although the style seems to be more popular with women. Still, men can find a variety of shoe styles with platform heels, anything from super-dressy party or formal shoes to the most casual shoes are available with a combination of sole and heel heights. There are also a variety of styles and colors.

You can wear most styles of shoes as platforms, actually. You can get platform slippers, thongs, boots, sneakers, dress shoes and so on. Platforms are popular to wear with Western outfits. They are also very popular with teens around the world.

Platforms are trendy and are a major footwear craze. Most people wear them. You should still be careful while wearing them though; you don’t want to wear them so often they cause back and neck aches, or pain in the calves for instance.