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Stripper Shoes

Often looked down upon by the fashion industry the trusty high heeled platform shoes are making a dramatic European comeback. Many of these very same “fashion gurus” are now incorporating stripper shoes into their 2009 Fall & 2010 spring lineups.

What the fashion industry is finally understanding is what every pole dancer has known for years, High Heel Platform Shoes make you look sexy!

So why do Platform Heels make you look Sexy?

Quite Simply they transform your posture & elongate your legs.

As soon as you put on a pair of High Heels you are forced to stand more on your toes, this arches the back, emphasizing the chest & butt. In addition the slight contractions of the calf & thigh mussels make them appear more toned giving added weight to the illusion taller, slimmer, toner.

The term Stripper Shoes loosely refers to all Clear Heeled shoes, this is a very broad & unfair statement however many of the sexiest shoe styles can be found in stores catering to exotic dancers.

Remember platform shoes are deceptively high, but not as hard to wear as high sandals or stilettos inch for inch. A platform heel is only as high as the heel minus the height of the platform whereas a sandal/stiletto is a true heel height.