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Tips to Walk with Heels

  • Buy a Quality Pair of Heels

It is important to wear a high quality pair of heels because they would have been built with ergonomics in mind. In other words, the designers would have made them in such a way that they support the body, rather than create unnecessary pressure points. If you wear lower quality heels, you may be OK, but there are no guarantees in the same way as there are with a better quality heel.

  • Make Sure that the Fit is Good Around the Toe

You need to ensure that the shoes fit well around the entire foot, but the most important place to ensure that they are a good fit is around the toe. The high heel will pitch your feet forward and this will place pressure on the toes. If your toes are squashed in, this will concentrate the force on a smaller area, therefore that area will experience a greater force than any other will. This will lead to pain. To avoid pain you must create as wider a surface area as possible at the toe.

  • Wear a Heel Width that is Comfortable

High heels come in a variety of forms; you can buy chunky heels, or skinny stilettos. The skinny the heel the more pressure is placed on the ball of the foot and the ankles. This can cause pain in the same way as described above. You will get used to wearing thinner heels, but it takes practice. If you are not used to wearing heels, you need to start with a wider heel.

  • Buy a Heel in a Height with Which You are Comfortable

Walking in heels is difficult and it takes practice. Therefore, if you are new to heels you must start with a short heel. A good starting point is 2″. As you learn to walk in the smaller heels you can move up through the inches – some women are so good at walking in heels that they can easily walk in 6″ heels. We do not know many that can do this, but we know of at least one. Some women like to stretch their legs a little before they begin their practice sessions, just as they would in the gym. This does appear to make the process easier.

  • Check Yourself before You Wreck Yourself

When walking in heels it is a good idea that you watch yourself doing so. This way, you can assess whether you like your walk or not, and if you do not like it, you can adjust it until you find a posture that you like. Unless you look, though, you will not know, so use a mirror.